3 Subtle Statement Earrings to Rock This Festive Season

Statement jewellery has the power to transform any ensemble into a magazine cover worthy outfit.

You can make your laziest loungewear clothes look completely okay in a formal situation if you have the right kind of jewellery to pair it with – wait that might be a bit too informal.

But, you get the idea. Statement jewellery is powerful; it has its own presence and ability to make any outfit a box office hit if paired in the right proportions.

Since festive season is here, we decided to bless our readers with a few tips and tricks for wearing subtle statement earrings.

Read ahead as we dissect some of our own designs to help you style them:

Gold Mirror Oval Square Studs

A lot of people think that Indian Jewellery is exquisite (no lying there), but they also believe that it can only be worn with formal dresses that are worn on formal occasions – which is not entirely true.

This pair of gold mirror earrings has the ability to turn any informal dress formal. If you are into creating bohemian chic looks then you can surely opt for this pair as you dress up in your last year’s t-shirt dress – because sustainability matters.

We understand your struggle with life, and adult-ing hence this pair has enough finesses to fool the onlookers into thinking that you are some woman of taste who has her priorities in the right place.

 Silver, Gold And Blue Detailed Stud Earrings

If you fancy some rustic details and ethnic jewellery then this pair is a complete package. You can pair it with your round-necked dresses: both cocktail and midi dress to create a boho chic look. Since this pair features both the warm and cooler tones you can easily mix and match other articles with it; a nice dainty bracelet or a minimal ring.

We suggest that you wear it to parties, social gatherings with friends or relatives and if you like then even on a date night because this pair doesn’t shout ‘attention’ like most statement jewellery articles, instead it whispers elegance and panache, as it speaks volumes about the wearer’s tasteful appetite for good jewellery.   

Gold Or Silver Mirror Square Studs

Most people think that statement jewellery has to be chunky, bulky and heavy or it has to eccentric, bold and full of mixed accents – um, no? Look at these beautiful square studs that are monochromatic and very minimal. They surely are statement pieces but aren’t necessarily the type that will get you noticed immediately.

You can use this pair to lift up the mood of dark and earthy coloured dresses. They look super cute when paired with puffy-sleeved tops. Also, you can create the classic chambray button down shirt with a white tee look exciting by pairing the silver mirror square studs with it. They are really one stop solution for all your dressing up issues. 

So, what do you say? Statement earrings and jewellery, in general, are not that animated, is it?

Statement earrings for this festive season 


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