How To Spiritually Cleanse Jewellery

Most of us understand the basics of cleaning jewellery in a physical sense. We know it’s important to gently remove dirt and grime without damaging the finish or facets of the jewellery. But what about a spiritual cleansing? How do you remove the negative energies which might have accumulated on an item, so it provides a fresh, healing, energizing energy?

Here’s what you do.

Earth for Spiritually Cleansing Jewellery

Nearly all gemstones and metals come from the Earth. The Earth gave them their initial vibrations and powers. By bringing the items back in contact with the Earth, it helps to refresh them. Put your items into a protective cloth bag. Find a location which is serene and, if possible, free of chemicals like fertilizers. Bury your items there. Leave them for a full 24-hour cycle.

This will help revitalize the items and bring them back in tune with the Earth’s fields. 

Solar and Lunar Energies for Spiritually Cleansing Jewellery

The sun and moon are powerful influencers on our lives. So many studies have been done on how the circadian rhythms impact our health. The tides are controlled by the moon’s motion. Countless animals guide their lives based on the sun and moon.

It makes sense that crystals and metals would also feel this influence.

Put your jewelry somewhere where they are exposed to the sun and moonlight. It’s fine if there’s cloud cover. As many a beach-goer can tell you, you can get sunburned right through clouds. High tides happen even on cloudy days. The sun and moon are just that powerful.

Let your jewellery reconnect with that power. That strength.

Note that there are few items which can fade in sunlight. Those include items such as opal, turquoise, and amethyst. For those items, you can cleanse them in moonlight and through the other techniques listed.

Smudging for Spiritually Cleansing Jewellery

Smudging with white sage is a powerful cleansing tool for homes, rooms, cars, and just about anything else. It definitely works well for jewellery. Make sure you use white sage, which is a western US brush, and not Mediterranean sage, which is a cooking herb and completely different. Many people have allergic reactions to burning Mediterranean sage. Light the tips of the sage on fire and let the embers smoke. Waft the smoke around your jewellery and focus on the healing intentions.


Cleansing Crystal for Spiritually Cleansing Jewellery

One technique which works very well is to have a master crystal or crystal cluster which is used for cleansing auras. Many people keep something like this in the house in general to act as a renewal agent. The crystal or crystals actively clean a room and everyone who comes within it. While this works well, remember to also regularly cleanse that crystal itself. If it spends all its time gathering in negative energies, it needs to be able to release those so it can fully do its job. It’s just like empting out the dust bin on a vacuum cleaner so it can once again clean properly.

Intention Setting for Spiritually Cleansing Jewellery

One of the most powerful ways to cleanse jewellery is to use the power of your own mind. After all, it’s your mind and awareness which are most tied to this jewellery you wear. You’re the person who is most in tune with their frequencies.

It’s good to regularly practice meditation so that your focus is as powerful as possible. You would want to sit down with the jewellery, just as you would for a meditation, and focus on them. You would pour your intentions and positive energies through the crystal, blasting free anything else it had lingering like a power wash. Set your new intentions for the crystal. 

There are many different ways to spiritually cleanse your jewellery. It could be that different techniques are best suited for different items in your collection. Learn for yourself which systems you prefer, and make sure to cleanse them regularly!

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