Pearls and Spirituality

The pearl has been treasured throughout history as a spiritual, beautiful item of jewellery. Just what makes a pearl so special, and what is its meaning?

The History of the Pearl

From the very earliest days of mankind’s history, the pearl has been special. In a world where so much was jagged or rough, pearls were round, smooth, lustrous objects hidden away in secret places. Numerous myths rose up around the creation of pearls.

Have you heard the term a pearl of wisdom? Pearls were long associated with knowledge and understanding. It’s also lucky to have a pearl, because finding a beautiful pearl in an oyster was a matter of pure luck. Pearls are known to bring wealth. To ease anxiety.

In modern times, we understand the biology behind how pearls are made. The oyster is irritated by an annoying parasite which has wriggled its way past the oyster’s shell. The oyster creates nacre to coat and wrap around that parasite. Over time, that balled-up item becomes the pearl.

Some companies take this a step further and inject items into oysters to annoy them, so they don’t have to wait for parasites to come along. That way they force the oyster into starting that process. It can take years of this irritation for the pearl to get to the needed size.

More humane companies have developed beautiful techniques to create artisan-crafted pearls. That way you get the beauty and luster of the pearl, with a nearly identical look, without the tormenting of the oyster in the process.

The Spiritual Meaning of Pearls

Pearls have a powerful spiritual meaning which can bring strong energy to the wearer. Here are a few of the legends and associations with pearls.

Pearls and Love – In nearly every culture on Earth, pearls are closely associated with love and relationships. Brides traditionally wear pearls to represent their loyalty and connection with their partner. Pearls worn on the body can represent that love and pledge to a soulmate.

Pearls and Protection – Perhaps because historically pearls were found tightly protected by a thick oyster shell, pearls are now strongly associated with a sense of protection. It forms a barrier against negative energies and emotions. It shelters the individual in a safe cocoon. As a result, it can lower anxiety and stress levels. Even knights in the Middle Ages carried a precious pearl for protection.

Pearls and Wealth – Pearls have been treasured throughout our culture’s history. They decorated crowns of kings and queens. There is a strong connection between pearls and wealth. By having pearls in your life, it creates a conduit for more wealth and success to flow to you. It also forms a protective shield around the blessings you already have.

Pearls and Wisdom – As far back as written recorded history goes, pearls have been connected with wisdom and experience. Pearls often represented important insights gleaned from religious texts. In other cases pearls could represent an awakening on a spiritual path. Wise dragons were known to guard pearls holding wisdom within them. If you are on a quest to learn something new, or to expand your experience in an area, pearls are the perfect choice. 

Caring for Pearls

Whether your pearls are ocean-made, oyster-in-farm-made, or crafted by artisans, you want to take attentive care of them. While gemstones are hard and made of “rock”, pearls are organic. They’re much more susceptible to damage.

Even though pearls come from the water, it’s important not to get them wet. They can actually dissolve. Don’t “wash” them to clean them. When you’re done wearing them, gently wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove any sweat or moisture. Keep them in a container with a soft lining. Avoid jumbling them up with other gemstones, as those other stones might scratch at the pearl’s lustre.

Pearls are a beautiful, powerful part of any spiritual jewellery collection. Wear your pearl items with mindful attention – and see what positive energies they bring in to your life!

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