Statement Jewellery - Whats It All About?

Statement Jewelry: A Rare Medium of Expression

Most of us think of jewelry as something women and men use to adorn their bodies. Jewels are the very symbol of class and status among the elites. The socialites use it to get caught by the paparazzi every now and then. The royal family is known to have the rarest form gemstones adorned in their crowns and wedding rings. While common men and women use it to express their love and admiration for someone they truly adore. It comes down to one common theme – jewelry is a medium for expression.

Statement Jewelry & Egyptian Folklore

As we talk about jewelry as an art form and medium for expression, there is no doubt that statement jewelry tops that list. It is almost impossible to have a productive discourse about statement jewelry and not mention its importance as an art medium.

Statement Jewelry dates back to the time of Egyptian Pharaohs. During excavation, numerous jewelry items were discovered that had carvings and emblems on them which told stories and myths of old. Statement jewelry has been around for a very long time.

Statement Jewelry As a Form of Expression in Today’s World

Statement rings, earrings, handcuffs, bracelets, choker the list could go on for as long as you want. Each piece has a story to tell. You could look far back in history and take inspiration from Cleopatra’s unmatched style; she had a distinct way for styling arm cuffs and chokers. Her jewelry signified power and authority, the snake models on top of her jewelry symbolized both beauty and power which was central to her rule. However, now things have changed.

Fast forward to today where every day numerous jewelry designers get together and brainstorm ideas only to come up with something that would actually grab buyers’ attention, something that they’d throw anything and everything on provided they fell in love with it on the first sight because they found a relatable piece of their past in it.

Previously statement jewelry had to be chunkier to really look like something – but now it all comes down to style and one’s preference. It often comes down to one’s choice of ‘look’ they want to go for.

Some people wear chunky rings to show off their love for opulence. Some want to draw attention to themselves by donning heavy chokers. While the others are just in love with the materialistic goods they have hoarded in their closet, as they say to each their own.

With statement jewelry dressing up becomes rather interesting and to some extent innovative. It is for some therapeutic activity. Just like retail therapy eases of the mind, putting on gemstone studded chokers, or earrings with some religious figure on them can help people get rid of their blues. It is all a part of the process that is if they believe.

Statement jewelry is an investment of sorts because if it ages away it becomes vintage and if it is kept safely it becomes an heirloom.


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