The Golden Goddess

The Golden Goddess

Adding golden accents to your outfit is one of the most timeless ways to accessorise your outfit and add a touch of glamour to your look. For this look, we have paired a pair of large statement earrings with orange and green beading and hand painted detail with a simple orange cami.

To show off our models hands, we have added our Golden hand chain. This addition really is the finishing touch, since so many of us speak with hand gestures.  

"Hand gestures help us take what's in our mind and make it intelligible to others" (Huffpost) - So, make it count! Our tip to you, always dress your hands. 

These beautiful hand painted earrings, paired with this striking gold stone detailed hand chain make this look perfect for dinners out, date nights and parties.

Finding jewellery to match with orange outfits can be tricky; these pieces look stunning with orange, and almost any other colour! The earrings and the handchain really are investment pieces.

This look is sure to make a statement and draw in compliments!

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