About us

Hi there! Welcome to Devti


I’m Aneesha Tiwari, founder of Devti, a UK based fine jewellery company.

I’ve always had a romance with jewellery, particularly statement jewellery. For me, there’s something in seeing a slight sparkle in the corner of my eye from an earring, watching the reflections from a stone dance on the walls and ceiling and feeling the weight of a heavy necklace.

Finding and wearing a piece of jewellery which I truly love has the ability to make me stand taller, speak with conviction and honestly, just feel really beautiful.

But, I’ve always struggled to find statement jewellery for everyday life and for special occasions which was fairly priced, good quality and unique as well as rare. There’s nothing I hate more than bringing home a beautiful piece, only to find out it was in everyone else's jewellery box too!

From here, Devti was born. 

Inspired by majestic pieces from the East, Devti offers unique and rare statement jewellery and accessories at fair prices. We have limited quantities of all pieces on the website, to make sure your piece stays rare. The majority of our pieces are also gold plated.

Unlike many other jewellery brands, we house all of our stock in our office and we personally quality check all of our products before they even make it on the website. If we aren't happy with it, we don't advertise it to you.

I hope you love our jewellery as much as I do. Please feel free to reach out to me if you would like to chat!

Aneesha x


+447375322226 (available on phone and Whatsapp)


"If I had my way, I'd wear jewellery, a great pair of heels and nothing else"

Jada Pinkett-Smith (Me too, Jada!)