How to Care For Your Devti Piece

We've all been there - you find a piece, you ADORE it, everyone compliments you on it...and then one small thing happens and its ruined. More often than not, thats happens because nobody actually tells us how to look after these pieces! 

I have had pieces of plated and non-plated jewellery that have lasted me 10 years plus. So, here is how to look after your Devti jewellery and make it last forever. 

How to Look After Costume Jewellery 

Most jewellery is considered to be costume jewellery. It doesn't matter how much you love it, how precious it is to you..if it isn't solid gold, silver or platinum, it's called costume jewellery. Devti pieces are no exception. Here is how to care for your costume jewellery and accessories.


If you remember nothing else, remember this. Keep your jewellery away from water, soap, perfumes, creams, moisturisers, washing up liquids, alcohol, chlorine, salt water...the list goes get the jist here. 

Anything wet is going to react with the plating on your piece and it will cause your jewellery to tarnish and look less than glam. 

One of the worst culprits is perfume. Why? Because we all want to smell yummy, and most of us get dressed, pick some jewellery and then we spritz some perfume on. We don't even think about is! We spray our necks (destroying our necklaces), behind our ears (that's the earrings gone) or you your wrist (say goodbye to that bracelet and hopefully your rings managed to escape!)

Now, i'm not telling you to change your process - finishing your look off with a spritz of something that smells like heaven is satisfying. Just keep that yummy smell AWAY from your jewellery and accessories!  

Number Two: Sleep Naked

Well, maybe naked is an exaggeration...but make sure you don't sleep in your jewellery. I know its tempting. Sometimes we all forget, and that's okay, don't beat yourself up about that! But try your best not to!

Here's the thing - and its super sciencey... Overnight, your body releases all sorts of chemicals, thats fine...but, those chemicals on your jewellery, thats not fine. It's going to cause your jewellery to tarnish and nobody wants that. That and sleeping in jewellery is not comfy...let't be honest. 

Also, at night all sorts can happen. Jewellery can get might get scratched, stones might be knocked against something and then fall out, something might get scratched, it happens so easily. 

So, night time and nap time means no jewellery. 


Number Three: The Best Statement is Rare 

Whether you're a fan of statement jewellery (like us) or dainty pieces...this point still stands. 

Your jewellery needs a rest. Like you, it needs a weekend. It deserves some time to kick back in it's box and just chill. 

Costume jewellery is designed to be worn over and over again...but its not designed to be worn 365 days a year. 

Now, this isn't a bad thing. If you wear something everyday, it becomes 'normal' to the people around you. Wear it less often to see those mouths dropping and to get those compliments in!

Number Four: Jewellery Likes To Stay Single

Devti pieces are always individually boxed and given to you all wrapped up like a gift. Your jewellery (Devti and non) needs to be in air tight boxes and containers. 

This keeps it away from all those liquids and sprays that are their enemies. It reduces the risk of your jewellery being scratched and injured and it keeps it clean. 

Keep your jewellery single, guys!

Number Five: Dry Polish only

Use a clean cloth and give your pieces a little polish every now and then. Never use any liquid, cleaning product, detergent, NOTHING. 

Your jewellery will shine for you without extra products!