Multi Coloured Peacock Earrings - Gold Plated

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Why We Love These!

These unique earrings feature a detailed peacock in the middle with multicoloured gold balls at the bottom.

Peacocks are truly one of the most majestic birds in the world. A bird, which should inspire us all to recognise our own beauty, peacocks feel no shame or embarrassment to display their grandeur in full. These earrings are a reminder to remember that like peacocks, we must all to embrace what makes us beautiful, both inside and out.

Why Are Peacocks Special?

It is unsurprising that peacocks are revered all over the world and even in mythology. Some traditions consider a peacocks spirit animal to be the phoenix, a bird which mythology states resurrects itself from its own ash. Like the phoenix, peacocks radiate confidence and splendour. They symbolise one's ability to shed the old to make way for a better new.  

In Hinduism, peacocks are associated with the Goddess Lakshmi, who is worshipped for prosperity and wealth.

In Chinese spiritual practice, the peacock is associated with the Goddess Kwan-Yin; known for compassion, good will and kind heartedness.

Christian's all over the world revere peacocks as an animal able to represent renewal and Christ's resurrection.

Ancient Egyptians associated peacocks with the Sun God and eye of Horus.

In Greco-Roman mythology, it was said that Peacock tails had the “eyes of the stars”. Many others associate the peacock with royalty, guidance and protection.

Wear these earrings as a symbol of cosmic protection and as a reminder that the universe is on your side. 

The Finer Details & Care Instructions

What’s Included?

One pair of earrings only.

Where would you wear this?

These earrings are suitable for all occasions

These earrings would also make a lovely gift.

How to take care of this piece? 

Your jewellery will arrive in a suitable way to keep it stored. We recommend that all jewellery is kept in air-tight boxes or bags. We also recommend that you keep your piece away from contact with all liquids, including perfumes, and moisture.

Product Code – DVT137-163

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Is this piece returnable?

For hygiene reasons, earrings are not returnable, however, please rest assured that all of our pieces are quality checked before they are sent out to you. Should you have any problems with your purchase please contact us at

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The Multi Coloured Peacock Earrings - Gold Plated is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

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